• March 11, 2021
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Fish Pics A Plenty

What’s Up with the Fish, Fellas?

Gentlemen, this single woman is defending you…. you know who you are. Your online dating profile hosts a number of photos that send the ladies into fits of giggling. Well, to be honest some of the giggling turns into belly laughter and guffaws. At first we were puzzled…why do so many men share photos of themselves holding up fish? We appreciate the big grins. After all, you caught something and want to share! The fish photos have taken on a notoriety of their own. The only photos more spoken about are the cringe-worthy D pics.

I have two private dating clubs, one is for the ladies only and the other is co-ed. We have collectively discussed the purpose of “fish pics” and determined that there are a few purposes. 1. You are showing your natural prowess of being able to hunt and kill. Instinctually we women want to know that our men can protect and provide. We might live in 2021 but deep down we yearn for that Alpha male that will mate, protect the offspring, take out the garbage and bring home the bacon/fish/deer/Taco Bell.  Yeah for the hunters! Bonus points if you have apocalyptic survivor skills to out run zombies and jump start a Jeep left on a highway while out running for supplies.

The other purpose of fish pics could be to open up your world and show us your hobbies. Some women have no desire to embrace a guy that hunts and fishes. And that is ok. Living in the rural area of Western Pennsylvania has offered me the opportunity to meet and date several guys that like to hunt and fish. They tend to be really good guys. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the gifts of venison, fish, and bear meat. I am pretty savvy in the kitchen and used those meats to make some tasty meals. Of course these culinary efforts were on the low down as this single mom was feeding her children and not about to share anything with them that would make them run to dad’s for dinner.

We see all sorts of odd photos…men standing next to urinals, arms around their last lady friend, looking down at the camera showing tangles of nose hairs, wistful patients yearning for a nurse with a purse from their hospital beds. But all in all, Guys, most of us like the fish pics. Fish on!!

Erica Sheridan, MA, LPC

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